Nomenclature of Simple Compounds Using Stock Notation

This is a basic exercise in naming simple compounds which contain metals. Since its effective use requires analysis of text input there are some basic rules:

  • Stock notation must be used on this page.
  • Common names such as "ferrous" are not used.
  • Spelling matters very much. No effort has been made to analyze input against possible spelling errors. There is a button below which can be pushed to display the spelling of all polyatomic ions used on this page.
  • Capitalization does not matter, the page can adjust for improper capitalization.


  • Pressing "New Compound" displays a formula to the right of the table.
  • Enter the name in the cell, breaking it into three parts and ensuring that there are parentheses around the Roman numeral. The Roman numeral should be contiguous with the metal, but your answer won't be judged incorrect if there's a break: ex- FeCl3 would be iron(III) chloride.
  • Press "Check Answer."
  • Pressing the "Show Answer" will cause the correct answer to appear and you will no longer be able submit an answer for that problem.


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