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California Standards Biology

Standard 9a Preknowledge

9a) Students know how the complementary activity of major body systems provides cells with oxygen and nutrients and removes toxic waste products such as carbon dioxide.


The digestive system delivers nutrients (e.g., glucose) to the circulatory system. Oxygen molecules move from the air to the alveoli of the lungs and then to the circulatory system. From the circulatory system glucose and oxygen molecules move from the capillaries into the cells of the body where cellular respiration occurs. During cellular respiration these molecules are oxidized into carbon dioxide and water, and energy is trapped in the form of ATP. The gas exchange process is reversed for the removal of carbon dioxide from its higher concentration in the cells to the circulatory system and, finally, to its elimination by exhalation from the lungs.

The concentration of sugar in the blood is monitored, and students should know that sugar can be stored or pulled from reserves (glycogen) in the liver and muscles to maintain a constant blood sugar level. Amino acids contained in proteins can also serve as an energy source, but first the amino acids must be deaminated, or chemically converted, in the liver, producing ammonia (a toxic product), which is converted to water-soluble urea and excreted by the kidneys. Teachers should emphasize that all these chemicals are transported by the circulatory system and the cells. Organs at the final destination direct these chemicals to their exit from the circulatory system.