Chemistry Interactive Review Activities

Welcome to the NEW review page. In the process of creating a curriculum aligned with NGSS, it became obvious that it was too much work to re-name and re-organize all of the old activities. Instead, I have opted to start with a clean slate. I will post here only the activities that are clearly written to support our new standards and assessments and written in HTML5/ Mobile Compliant format. I anticipate a time when many of the older quizzes will begin to malfunction in browswers as their coding becomes deprecated. Since ALL activities on this page are in the HTML5/ Mobile Compliant, that indicator has been removed from quiz descriptions on this page.

Unit 0 - The Methods of Chemistry

Unit 1 - Atomic Structure and the Origins of Elements

Unit 2 - Patterns and Periodic Behavior

Unit 3 - Chemical Bonding

Unit 4 - Conservation of Mass

First Semester Review

Unit 5 - Chemical Reactions and Energy

Unit 6 - Water and the Hydrosphere

Unit 7 - Water as a Solvent

Unit 8 - Gases, Gas Laws, and Earth's Atmosphere

Second Semester Review