Who is Responsible for This Site?
The site is solely Mr. Allan's responsibility. The school and school district provide neither material nor financial support for the site, and accept no responsibility for its content. Mr. Allan pays for the design software and server privileges, as well as domain registration. Enjoy it for what it is - a free resource for chemistry students and their parents.

May I copy and use some of your resources?
You may print notes, labs and other documents for use in your own class. You may create links to pages at my site. You may not:
  • Electronically transfer and/or rewrite source code and place it at another web site.
  • Sell any of the resources at this site, either alone or as part of a collection.
  • Steal bandwidth...that is, you may not embed links to graphics or other resources that are stored on my server but that appear within one of your own web pages.
Use labs at your own risk. I have been safely performing the posted labs for eighteen years, but I provide no assurance of safety. I cannot control the variables present in your lab circumstances, and therefore take no responsibility for the suitability or safety of the labs.

I am not one of your students. Can I get help with chemistry?
You are welcome to use the resources at the site, but I do not personally answer homework questions from students who are not my own.
What is the difference between General Chemistry and AP Chemistry?
General Chemistry is a first-year high school chemistry course. Students are expected to have completed Algebra 1. The course fulfills the University of California requirements for a lab science, and fulfills Visalia Unified's requirement for one year of a physical science.

Advanced Placement (AP) Chemistry is a second year chemistry course that prepares students to take the Advanced Placement test in Chemistry. The course is the equivalent of a first year college chemistry course. Prerequisites include the completion of General Chemistry and the completion of Algebra 2. AP Chemistry students must be highly motivated, and willing to commit considerable time to studying.

Can I take AP Chemistry in place of General Chemistry?
NO. AP Chemistry is a second year course, and depends highly upon the foundation of the first year knowledge base.

I took General Chemistry in summer school. Will this hurt me in AP Chemistry?
Yes. Summer school attempts the completion of an entire year of subject matter in only six weeks. The retention of important information is low, and your chances of being successful in AP Chemistry are subsequently lower.

Can students get help outside of classtime?
Absolutely. Mr. Allan has office hours everyday at lunch. There are no office hours after school. Students and parents are also encouraged to call or email Mr. Allan for information or assistance outside of normal school hours.

Are there any required lab fees associated with the classes?
No, there are no fees for equipment or chemicals. Students may be billed for lost or damaged books, or for lab equipment that is intentionally damaged.

Are Extra Credit Assignments Available?
Extra credit, when assigned, is available to the entire class. The instructor NEVER assigns individual extra credit assignments to students who are in grade trouble. Learning Directors sometimes suggest to students or parents that they ask the instructor "if there is some extra credit work that they can do." Don't bother - there isn't.
How do I obtain access to my child's class grades
Grades for all El Diamante students are available online at our PowerSchool Grade Portal. You will need the login and password provided by the school. I do not have access to the parent or student login information. If you have lost yours, you will need to contact the Learning Director.

What browsers are supported by this site?
The most recent versions of any of the popular browsers, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Apple's Safari are recommended. The site should also render very well in mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones.

Is there accessibility for the visually impaired?
The latest version of Acrobat Reader is capable of interacting with text to speech editors. Check the Adobe website for more information.

How do I view Acrobat pdf files, such as your notes, labs, and homework?
You will need to download and install the free Acrobat Reader program. It is necessary to view and print most of the notes and worksheets at this site. Acrobat Reader is available in versions for both Macintosh and Windows, and works with all recent versions of Internet Explorer and Netscape. For compatibility with AOL and other browsers, contact your Internet Service Provider.

If your question still has not been answered, please email me:[email protected]